Ana Wixen

I am fully trained conservator-restorer of fine arts with the academic title of Master of Art Conservation and Restoration. I studied at the Academy of fine arts at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. My specialties are easel and wall paintings, although I have experience with conservation and restoration work with polychrome sculpture and objects as well. I have been working on easel and wall paintings from the period of 16th to 20th century from private collections, but also on objects in ownerships of churches, museums and different institutions. My works on easel paintings include conservation and restoration interventions in situ or removing to the studio for treatment, depending on their sizes, mobility and necessarily works which had to be provided.

I am experienced in wooden carving and gilding as well, it use to be part of my study program. At the end of my studying I did a graduate thesis which encompasses conservation-restoration work and extensive art historian analysis for a wall painting made in secco technique in the second half of 19th century located in a historical building. My skills contain painting in different techinques, from the classical ones as oil on canvas to modern and contemporary ones as the acrylic technique. As a free lance conservator-restorer of fine arts and artist I had paint several orders in different techniques for private collections.

In the May of 2015. I was an author of the exhibition Re-knjiga in which was represented an idea of use of old and forgotten books for making unique, new and interesting art objects and new stuffs such as sculptures and daily used items like a coffee table and chair.